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ATES/BTES systems for commercial buildings

ATES/BTES systems are getting more and more importance in many types of commercial buildings, mainly because of their excellent cooling capability in free cooling mode, but also for excellent heat pumping performance.


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March 2010



Retrofit heat pumps for buildings

This topic is ever important, because of the large market potential, and the special needs that existing buildings require.  

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June 2010




The IEA has clearly discovered the possibilities Heat Pumps have to reduce CO2 emissions in a cost-effective manner. The November 2009 Buildings book has an extensive chapter on heat pumps, and the ETP2010 could show further potential.


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September 2010



Supermarket refrigeration

New system solutions are getting demonstrated and deployed at an increasing speed. Will there be DX only systems, or have indirect an important role to play?


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December 2010


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