Heat pumps are the key to make Sweden fossil fuel free

The Royal Swedish Academy of Science has presented its final report on how to make Sweden fossil fuel free by 2050. The Academy highlights heat pumps as a key technology.

Professor Harry Frank of the Academy's Energy Committee says that electrically driven heat pumps in houses and shopping centers could account for 25 percent of Sweden's total heat demand in 40 years. He states that they expect electrical heat pumps to contribute with 30TWh by 2050 compared with 10 TWh today. Moreover he thinks that everyone who installs an electrical heat pump ought to get a letter from the Swedish governement thanking them for contributing to the increased share of renewable energy in Sweden. Today heat pumps in Sweden provide five times more renewable energy than Sweden's total wind power.


The interview with Professor Harry Frank made by the Swedish Radiocan be listened to on their website (Swedish only):



The reports from the Royal Swedish Academy of Science is available on their website. Please note, the text on the website is in Swedish, but the documents in the right margin is available in both Swedish and English:


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